Mini Comics #04

mini 1

mini 2

mini 3

mini 4

mini 5

Hey look, more minis I worked on over the weekend! Another two dozen in the bag. I um, I’m not going to lie to you: this one’s about penises. Also in the bottom photo you can see me working on a couple dozen from the weekend before, it’s about things that rhyme with Bruce.

Also I’m pretty nervous/excited (“nervexcitoused"™) right now because I formally applied for Stumptown Comics Fest 2012! If accepted, I’ll be showing with Mike and Ali, two super-talented, super-funny, super-nice online comics people. SO NERVOUS because I’ve never done anything like this before and most of the time I feel like a complete comics fraud compared to the experience and talent of most legitimate comics people. Haha, oh well! If we go, we’ll be the ones playing Mario Kart 64 the whole time at our booth.

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